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The Story of a Major League Baseball Franchise
Nevada Dusters Scouting Report & Depth Chart
Nevada Dusters Scouting Report/Depth Chart
TO: Mr. Conn Hudson
FROM: Jim Fridley

C: Johnny Blanchard ... Doug Camilli ... Walt Hriniak (A) ... Jerry Grote (R) ... Randy Hundley (R)

A productive hitter with a strong arm, Blanchard is in his ninth year and should be the Dusters' # 1 catcher for the next two or three seasons. Camilli is a capable backup, but probably not what we would want in an everyday catcher. Hriniak is not developing as we expected. Grote and Hundley have promise but are several years away from the majors. CONCLUSION: A catcher with the offensive and defensive skills of a Johnny Blanchard is needed at the AAA or AA level.

1B: Vic Power ... Gordy Coleman ... Donn Clendenon (AAA) ... Tommie Aaron (A) ... Wes Parker (A) ... Tony Perez (R)

Both Power and Coleman are excellent first basemen and both are productive at the plate. Power, in his 10th year, should remain so for at least two or three more seasons. Coleman is in his 5th year and Donn Clendenon (AAA) is but a year or two from being ready to move up. One or the other is likely to replace Power as starting first baseman. Aaron is not developing as we would like. Parker and Perez are both first-rate prospects at this position. If both are kept, Perez could play third base. CONCLUSION: It may not be feasible in the future to keep both Coleman and Clendenon and neither is really capable of playing another position.

2B: Jerry Adair ... Ken Hubbs ... Cookie Rojas (AA) ... Sandy Alomar (R) ... Felix Millan (R)

Adair is in his 6th season and could be the Dusters' starting second baseman for years to come. Hubbs is a rookie and we expect him to become better offensively as time goes on. If both are kept, Adair might be moved to shortstop (which would require moving Tom Tresh to the outfield) with Hubbs at second base. Rojas is a good hitter and a fair infielder at first, second or short. Alomar should develop into an outstanding second baseman and a prolific hitter. Millan is a solid prospect both defensively and offensively. CONCLUSION: With so much youth at this position, it probably isn't necessary to keep all of these players. Rojas might be moved, and we should be prepared at some point to make a choice between Alomar and Millan.

3B: Clete Boyer ... Johnny Schaive ... George Banks (A) ... Bob Bailey (R)

Boyer is in his 9th season and should remain one of the top third basemen in the league for several years to come. His contract expires this year and should, we feel,  be renewed. Johnny Schaive has had a very good first-half, and is an outstanding backup at any infield position, but in the long run he would not be an adequate replacement for Boyer. George Banks and Bob Bailey are both very good prospects at third. (Banks is also an above-average outfielder.) But they are both at least a year or two away from being ready for the big leagues. We do not feel it is necessary to actively seek a third baseman at the AA or AAA level as we expect both Banks and Bailey to progress fairly quickly. CONCLUSION: The status quo at third seems acceptable.

SS: Tom Tresh ... Denis Menke (AA) ... Gene Alley (A)

Tresh played very little in his rookie season (1961) with the Yankees; his performance thus far in 1962 has been satisfactory. We expect his hitting to improve in the years to come. Another advantage to keeping Tresh is that he is an above-average outfielder. Menke is an exciting prospect who will be ready as soon as next year to play either middle infield position in the big leagues.  Gene Alley has a lot of potential, but is probably several years away from playing for the Dusters. As Menke and Alley will advance quickly, any additions to this position should be at the Rookie level.

LF: Billy Williams ... Hector Lopez ... Lou Johnson (AAA)

In his 5th season, Billy Williams has already demonstrated that he is one of the premier hitters in the league and is clearly a franchise player. We would be foolish to part with him. Lopez is having a banner year. He is a ten-year veteran and should have a couple more good years in him, but Williams should be the Nevada left fielder for the next decade. Johnson should be ready for the Show in a year, maybe two, and as a steady hitter and fielder is a first-rate backup. The franchise could use another left fielder at the A or Rookie level in the event something happens to Lopez and Johnson.

CF: Mack Jones ... Jose Cardenal (A) ...Roger Repoz (R)

Jones is a capable centerfielder off the bench, but should not be considered the long-term answer for the position. Cardenal may be that answer but is a couple of years away from being ready for the big leagues. He can play any outfield position. Repoz is a promising prospect but may not be as good as Cardenal. Shortstop Tom Tresh is actually a better center fielder than any save Cardenal.  Looking to the other fields, Lee Maye can play center, but Morton, Johnson, Oliva, Lopez and Alou don't have the speed or the break the position requires.

RF: Lee Maye ... Bubba Morton ... Tony Oliva (AA) ... Jesus Alou (A)

Maye is an average fielder and a dependable hitter in his fifth season, while Morton is not suitable starting material. Consequently, Maye should be kept on until Oliva or Alou has developed. Both of the prospects will probably blossom into starting right fielders who could well put up better better numbers than Maye is capable of. No additions are necessary at this position.

SP (L): Dave McNally ... Steve Barber ... Wade Blasingame (R)
SP (R): Bob Shaw ... Joe Horlen ... Tony Cloninger ... Jim Bouton (AA) ... Phil Niekro (AA) ... Bruce Howard (R)

We believe all five current starting pitchers -- McNally, Barber, Shaw, Horlen and Cloninger -- are capable of producing for the organization for years to come. The mix of two lefties and three righties is ideal. However, the organization may not be able to keep both Barber (lhp) and Shaw (rhp) as both will require new contracts for next season. If one or both are lost, Blasingame (lhp) and Bouton (rhp) may be ready for The Show next year. The organization should actively seek prospects for the affiliate rotations, particularly left-handed pitching.

RP (L): Pete Richert ... Jim Brewer ... Jim Constable (AAA) ... Jim Roland (AA) ... Herb Hippauf (A) ... Dick Kelley (A) ... Dan Schneider (R)
RP (R): Jim Umbricht ... Bill Dailey ... Claude Raymond ... Bob Duliba ... Jim Umbricht ... Dave Eilers (AA) ... Ron Herbel (AA) ... Cecil Butler (A) ... Clay Carroll (A) ... Hank Fischer (A) ... Larry Maxie (A) ... Cecil Upshaw (R)

Dailey, Raymond, Duliba, Richert and Roland should continue to develop and, in our opinion, ought to be in the Dusters bullpen next year.  We have doubts about Constable and Umbricht, however. Among our minor league relievers, Kelley (lhp) and all the right-handers listed above are progressing satisfactorily. Left-handed relief pitching should be the first priority in the offseason.

The staff is in agreement that there is no great urgency in addressing these shortcomings by the trade deadline, as it is likely that some desirable players will be found in the free agency pool at season's end.

Minor league prospects Jim Bouton, Lou Johnson and Gene Alley

Nevada Dusters Players Stats (as of 7.2)
Jerry Adair (SS) - 310ab, 90h, 31r, 35rbi, 6hr, 24bb, 31k, 4sb, .290/.341/.387  -
Johnny Blanchard (C) - 280ab, 68h, 44r, 54rbi, 20hr, 24bb, 32k, 1sb, .243/.305/.489  -
Clete Boyer (3B) - 255ab, 70h, 32r, 37rbi, 10hr, 22bb, 38k, 2sb, .275/.337/.424  +
Doug Camilli (C) - 56ab, 10h, 5r, 3rbi, 0hr, 7bb, 9k, 0sb, .179/.266/.214  +
Gordy Coleman (1B) - 123ab, 38h, 19r, 22rbi, 6hr, 12bb, 15k, 1sb, .309/.370/.537  -
Ken Hubbs (2B) - 94ab, 20h, 12r, 3rbi, 0hr, 7bb, 13k, 2sb, .213/.265/.266  +
Mack Jones (CF) - 116ab, 26h, 12r, 14rbi, 1hr, 17bb, 29k, 4sb, .224/.328/.345  -
Hector Lopez (LF) - 277ab, 91h, 49r, 45rbi, 16hr, 23bb, 41k, 1sb, .329/.382/.570  +
Lee Maye (RF) - 150ab, 46h, 27r, 16rbi, 3hr, 6bb, 17k, 5sb, .307/.338/.453  -
Bubba Morton (RF) 20ab, 5h, 4r, 1rbi, 0hr, 4bb, 3k, 0sb, .250/.375/.350
Vic Power (1B) - 277ab, 85h, 41r, 32rbi, 7hr, 24bb, 23k, 3sb, .307/.363/.444  -
Johnny Schaive (3B) - 249ab, 64h, 39r, 24rbi, 4hr, 17bb, 36k, 3sb, .257/.309/.378  -
Tom Tresh (SS) - 237ab, 55h, 30r, 34rbi, 6hr, 32bb, 43k, 4sb, .232/.327/.354  -
Billy Williams (LF) - 287ab, 95h, 49r, 55rbi, 15hr, 38bb, 36k, 3sb, .331/.410/.599  -

Steve Barber lhp (SP) - 12gs, 3W, 6L, 4.98era, 68.2ip, 39r, 38er, 69h, 3hr, 29bb, 40k, .253baa, 1cg  +
Jim Brewer lhp (RP) - 0gs, 1W, 3L, 5.36era, 42.0ip, 27r, 25er, 53h, 5hr, 16bb, 28k, .294baa, 1sv  -
Tony Cloninger rhp (SP) - 15gs, 3W, 6L, 5.01era, 91.2ip, 61r, 51er, 92h, 14hr, 33bb, 47k, .249baa  +
Bill Dailey rhp (RP) - 0gs, 2W, 3L, 2.61era, 38.0ip, 13r, 11er, 32h, 2hr, 11bb, 15k, .225baa, 8sv  +
Bob Duliba rhp (RP) - 0gs, 4W, 3L, 3.98era, 40.2ip, 18r, 18er, 45h, 8hr, 13bb, 26k, .274baa, 2sv  +
Joe Horlen rhp (SP) - 19gs, 10W, 5L, 2.47era, 145.2ip, 46r, 40er, 124h, 8hr, 33bb, 62k, .229baa, 3cg  +
Dave McNally lhp (SP) - 18gs, 6W, 3L, 2.47era, 124.0ip, 41r, 34er, 98h, 12hr, 27bb, 60k, .209baa, 2cg  -
Claude Raymond rhp (RP) - 0gs, 4W, 1L, 7.45era, 19.1ip, 16r, 16er, 29h, 1hr, 8bb, 11k, .341baa, 8sv  +
Pete Richert lhp (SP) - 3gs, 3W, 3L, 2.14era, 33.2ip, 8r, 8er, 22h, 3hr, 10bb, 32k, .180baa, 2sv  +
Bob Shaw rhp (SP) - 18gs, 13W, 2L, 2.90era, 124.0ip, 43r, 40er, 115h, 7hr, 31bb, 68k, .244baa, 3cg  +
Jim Umbricht rhp (RP) - 0gs, 0W, 0L, 7.20era, 5.0ip, 4r, 4er, 7h, 1hr, 0bb, 3k, .350baa  -

1962 Midway Baseball pinball game

NL Leaderboard (as of 7.2)

Batting Average: Roberto Clemente (PIT) .334 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) .331 ... Billy Williams (NEV) .331 ... Hector Lopez (NEV) .329 ... Willie Mays (SFG) .328 ... Don Hoak (PIT) .326 ... Joe Torre (PIT) .317 ... Vic Power (NEV) .307 ... Curt Flood (SFG) .302 ... Maury Wills (LAD) .301
Doubles: Billy Williams (NEV) 22 ... Richie Ashburn (NYM) 22 ... Stan Musial (STL) 22 ... Bob Raudman (CHC) 20 ... John DeMerit (NYM) 19 ... Gus Bell (NYM) 19 ... Curt Flood (STL) 19 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 18 ... Vada Pinson (CIN) 18 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) 18
Extra Base Hits: Hank Aaron (CHC0 48 ... Ron Santo (CHC) 47 ... Billy Williams (NEV) 42 ... Frank Robinson (CIN0 39 ... Willie Mays (SFG) 39 ... Stan Musial (STL) 37 ... Hector Lopez (NEV) 33 ... Roberto Clemente (PIT) 33 ... Felipe Alou (SFG) 33 ... Bob Skinner (PIT) 31
Hits: Roberto Clemente (PIT) 114 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 108 ... Maury Wills (LAD) 107 ... Felipe Alou (SFG) 105 ... Ron Santo (CHC) 102 ... Willie Davis (LAD) 100 ... Richie Ashburn (NYM) 98 ... Vada Pinson (CIN) 96 ... Billy Williams (NEV) 95 ... Curt Flood (STL) 95
Home Runs: Ron Santo (CHC) 30 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 25 ... Johnny Blanchard (NEV) 20 ... Willie Mays (SFG) 19 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) 17 ... Ernie Banks (CHC) 16 ... Hector Lopez (NEV) 16 ... Dick Stuart (PIT) 16 ... Billy Williams (NEV) 15 ... Felipe Alou (SFG) 14
On Base Average: Willie Mays (SFG) .426 ... Billy Williams (NEV) .410 ... Joe Torre (PIT) .410 ... Willie McCovey (SFG) .408 ... Don Hoak (PIT) .398 ... Roy Sievers (PHI) .397 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) .395 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) .386 ... Roberto Clemente (PIT) .386 ... Stan Musial (STL) .384
OPS: Willie Mays (SFG) 1.082 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 1.042 ... Billy Williams (NEV) 1.009 ... Ron Santo (CHC) .997 ... Hector Lopez (NEV) .952 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) .910 ... Stan Musial (STL) .908 ... Bob Skinner (PIT) .892 ... Roy Sievers (PHI) .887 ... Roberto Clemente (PIT) .887
RBIs: Ron Santo (CHC) 77 ... Willie Mays (SFG) 64 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 63 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) 56 ... Felipe Alou (SFG) 56 ... Billy Williams (NEV) 55 ... Dick Stuart (PIT) 55 ... Johnny Blanchard (NEV) 54 ... Stan Musial (STL) 53 ... Jim Davenport (SFG) 51
Runs: Hank Aaron (CHC) 61 ... Richie Ashburn (NYM) 61 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) 59 ... Ron Santo (CHC) 58 ... Maury Wills (LAD) 57 ... Willie Mays (SFG) 54 ... Willie Davis (LAD) 52 ... Bob Skinner (PIT) 52 ... Roberto Clemente (PIT) 52 ... Felipe Alou (SFG) 52
Slugging Average: Willie Mays (SFG) .656 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) .647 ... Ron Santo (CHC) .625 ... Billy Williams (NEV) .599 ... Hector Lopez (NEV) .570 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) .524 ... Stan Musial (STL) .524 ... Bob Skinner (PIT) .513 ... Roberto Clemente (PIT) .501 ... Roy Sievers (PHI) .490
Steals: Maury Wills (LAD) 47 ... Lou Brock (CHC) 32 ... Willie Davis (LAD) 25 ... Tony Taylor (PHI) 16 ... Jim McKnight (CHC) 14 ... Julian Javier (STL) 14 ... Vada Pinson (CIN) 11 ... Gene Freese (CIN) 10 ... Richie Ashburn (NYM) 10 ... John DeMerit (NYM) 10
Total Bases: Ron Santo (CHC) 213 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 211 ... Billy Williams (NEV) 172 ... Roberto Clemente (PIT) 171 ... Felipe Alou (SFG) 167 ... Frank Robinson (CIN) 164 ... Willie Mays (SFG) 162 ... Hector Lopez (NEV) 158 ... Stan Musial (STL) 153 ... Vada Pinson (CIN) 146
Triples: Roberto Clemente (PIT) 10 ... Don Taussig (HOU) 8 ...  Bob Skinner (PIT) 8 ... Duke Snider (LAD) 7 ... Lou Brock (CHC) 6 ... Wally Moon (LAD) 6 ... Willie Davis (LAD) 6 ... Hank Aaron (CHC) 5 ... Lee Walls (LAD) 5 ... Johnny Schaive (NEV) 5

Complete Games: Don Drysdale (LAD) 8 ..... Juan Marichal (SFG) 8 ... Bob Gibson (STL) 6 ... Early Wynn (LAD) 5 ... Vern Law (PIT) 5 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 5 ... Don Cardwell (CHC) 4 ... Billy Pierce (SFG) 4 ... Bob Purkey (CIN) 3 ... Jim Maloney (CIN) 3
ERA: Bob Purkey (CIN) 1.84 ..... Bob Gibson (STL) 2.09 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 2.14 ... Billy Pierce (SFG) 2.21 ... Joe Gibbon (PIT) 2.39 ... Bob Purkey (CIN) 2.42 ... Jim Archer (NYM) 2.45 ... Joe Horlen (NEV) 2.47 ... Dave McNally (NEV) 2.47 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) 2.64 ... Don Drysdale (LAD) 2.75
Appearances: Bob Miller (NYM) 38 ... Billy O'Dell (SFG) 38 ... Don Elston (CHC) 37 ... Larry Sherry (LAD) 37 ... Ron Perranoski (LAD) 36 ... Dave Giusti (HOU) 35 ... Ray Sadecki (STL) 35 ... Al McBean (PIT) 34 ... Bill Dailey (NEV) 32 ... Dallas Green (PHI) 31
Hits / 9IP: Dick Drott (HOU) 6.21 ..... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 6.24 ... Don Cardwell (CHC) 6.81 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) 7.01 ...  Don Drysdale (LAD) 7.09 ... Dave McNally (NEV) 7.11 ..... Bob Gibson (STL) 7.27 ... Sandy Koufax (LAD) 7.29 ... Bob Purkey (CIN) 7.34 ... Joe Gibbon (PIT) 7.41
Innings Pitched:  Don Drysdale (LAD) 157.1 ...Juan Marichal (SFG) 156.2 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 151.1 ... Bob Gibson (STL) 151.0 ... Joe Horlen (NEV) 145.2 ... Jay Hook (NYM) 142.1 ... Jim Maloney (CIN) 133.2 ... Vern Law (PIT) 132.2 ... ken Johnson (HOU) 131.2 ... Bob Bruce (HOU) 131.1
Opp. Batting Average: Dick Drott (HOU) .191 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) .191 ... Don Cardwell (CHC) .205 ... Dave McNally (NEV) .209 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) .209 ... Don Drysdale (LAD) .211 ... Bob Gibson (STL) .213 ... Sandy Koufax (LAD) .216 ...Bob Purkey (CIN) .217 ... Joe Gibbon (PIT) .218
Quality Starts:  Don Drysdale (LAD) 16 ... Bob Gibson (STL) 16 ... Dick Drott (HOU) 15 ... Joe Horlen (NEV) 15 ... Jim Maloney (CIN) 14 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) 14 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 14 ... Bob Purkey (CIN) 13 ... Billy Pierce (SFG) 13 ... Sandy Koufax (LAD) 11
Saves: Ron Perranoski (LAD) 15 ..... Stu Miller (NYM) 13 ... Turk Farrell (HOU) 11 ... Bill Henry (CHC) 10 ... Bill Dailey (NEV) 8 ... Claude Raymond (NEV) 8 ... Jack Baldschun (PHI) 8 ... Jim Brosnan (CIN) 7 ... Roy Face (PIT) 7 ... Billy O'Dell (SFG) 7
Strikeouts Pitched: Sandy Koufax (LAD) 137 ... Don Drysdale (LAD) 106 ...  Gaylord Perry (SFG) 106 ..... Bob Gibson (STL) 106 ... Jim Maloney (CIN) 103 ... Bob Bruce (HOU) 105 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) 85 ... Harvey Haddix (PIT) 82 ... Billy Pierce (SFG) 80 ... Bob Shaw (NEV) 68
Walks / 9 IP:  Ken Johnson (HOU) 1.71 ... Bob Purkey (CIN) 1.87 ... Bob Friend (PIT) 1.89 ... Al Jackson (NYM) 1.94 ... Dave McNally (NEV) 1.96 ... Joe Horlen (NEV) 2.04 ... Harvey Haddix (PIT) 2.08 ... Larry Jackson (STL) 2.09 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) 2.13 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 2.20
Wins: Bob Shaw (NEV) 13 ... Juan Marichal (SFG) 13 ... Don Drysdale (LAD) 11 ... Joe Horlen (NEV) 10 ... Bob Gibson (STL) 10 ... Bob Purkey (CIN) 9 ... Jim Maloney (CIN) 9 ... Gaylord Perry (SFG) 9 ... Bob Bruce (HOU) 8 ... Sandy Koufax (LAD) 8