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The Story of a Major League Baseball Franchise
Players & Transactions
Jerry Adair (2b/ss) 1962, 1963
Steve Barber (sp) 1962 Traded 1962 to PHI
Johnny Blanchard (c) 1962, 1963
Jim Bouton (sp) 1963 Acquired 1962 trade
Clete Boyer (3b) 1962, 1963
Jim Brewer (rp) 1962, 1963
Doug Camilli (c) 1962 Released at end of 1962 season
Cam Carreon (c) 1962, 1963 Acquired 1962 trade
Tony Cloninger (sp) 1962, 1963
Gordy Coleman (1b) 1962, 1963
Jim Constable (rp) 1962 Released at end of 1962 season
Bill Dailey (rp) 1962, 1963
Bob Duliba (rp) 1962, 1963
Hank Fischer (rp) 1963 From Bakersfield Bullets (AAA)
Joe Horlen (sp) 1962, 1963
Ken Hubbs (2b) 1962, 1963
Lou Johnson (lf) 1962, 1963
Mack Jones (cf) 1962, 1963
Bobby Locke (rp) 1962 Traded 1962 to SFG
Hector Lopez (lf) 1962, 1963
Ken Mackenzie (rp) 1962 Signed 1962 as free agent; released at end of 1962 season
Lee Maye (of) 1962, 1963
Dave McNally (sp) 1962, 1963
Bubba Morton (of) 1962 Released at end of 1962 season
Vic Power (1b) 1962, 1963
Claude Raymond (rp) 1962, 1963
Pete Richert (sp) 1962, 1963
Jim Roland (rp) 1962, 1963
Johnny Schaive (if) 1962, 1963
Barney Schultz (rp) 1962, 1963 Acquired 1962, trade w/CHC
Bob Shaw (sp) 1962 Released at end of 1962 season
Hawk Taylor (lf) 1962 Traded 1962 to HOU
Tom Tresh (ss/cf) 1962, 1963
Jim Umbricht (rp) 1962 Acquired 1962, trade w2/HOU; released at end of 1962 season

April 25, 1962
--NEV trades Arnold Umbach (P-Montana Wolves) to NYY for Roger Repoz (CF). Repoz is assigned to the Montana Wolves (R).
--NEV trades John Braun (P-Tucson Stingers) and Howie Bedell (LF-Salt Lake City Saints) to SFG for Jesus Alou (RF). Alou is assigned to the the Tucson Stingers (A).
May 4, 1962
NEV trades Hawk Taylor (LF) to HOU for Jim Umbricht (RP).
May 28, 1962
NEV trades Woody Woodward (SS-Montana Wolves) to SFG for Randy Hundley (C-R).
June 18, 1962
NEV negotiated a trade that sent Bobby Locke (P-AAA), Paul Doyle (P-A) and Glen Clark (1B-AA) to SFG for Jose Cardenal (OF-R) and Ron Herbel (P-AA).
July 27, 1962
NEV traded Dan Schneider (P-Montana Wolves) to CHC for Barney Schultz (P)
July 31, 1962
NEV Traded Steve Barber (P), Dave Eilers (P-AA Salt Lake City) and $1,000,000 to PHI for Ray Culp (P) and Danny Cater (1B/3B).
NEV traded Cecil Upshaw (P-R Montana Wolves) to CHW for Cam Carreon (C).
September 19, 1962
Free agent Ken Mackenzie (RP) was signed for $400,000/1 yr.
April 1, 1963
Released Bob Shaw (SP), Jim Umbricht (RP), Ken Mackenzie (RP), Bubba Morton (RF), Doug Camilli (C)
April 21, 1963
NEV trades Johnny Schaive (IF) to CIN for Don Pavletich (C/1B)